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Window inside home with a view to yard
June 24, 2024

How To Burglar-Proof Windows In Gulfport

It’s a nightmare development for residents - a burglar climbing through a window and into your residence. You return to see possessions gone and your dwelling in shambles. Thankfully, there are several effective options for protecting your most vulnerable entry points. Learn how to burglar-proof windows in Gulfport and discover the perks of an integrated security system.

Trigger Your Alarm With Entry Point Sensors

If a burglar makes an effort to sneak through a window, your alarm should go off, and you should be contacted right away, even if you’re not on site. You are able to get this connectivity when utilizing fully integrated entry point sensors in Gulfport. Select from these different kinds:

  • Contact sensors: Simple and effective, contact sensors create a magnetic field through the use of a two-part system. As the window goes up, the field is interrupted, prompting your alarm to trigger. You might install contact sensors on doors, windows, and other spots like outdoor pool enclosures.
  • Glass break sensors: Some thieves may simply try to break a window instead of opening it. Be ready with glass break sensors. You will come across acoustic ones that discern sound, others that notice vibration from breaking glass, and some that perceive both.

No matter your choice, the sensors will trigger your alarm and even notify you through your smartphone's home security app.

Track Activity With Motion Detectors In Gulfport

If a trespasser advances toward your house and is suddenly covered in light, he will probably depart. Motion-detection lighting are quite valuable in keeping trespassers away from windows. Install them within proximity of your windows. Within your home, you may use standalone motion detectors as an added level of defense. You'll know if a person goes into a space they shouldn’t be in.

Dissuade Intruders With Outdoor Cameras And Yard Signs

If a bright light doesn’t keep burglars away from your house, video cameras may take care of it. Merely the presence of cameras is often all it takes to scare away trespassers. Modern surveillance systems may even connect to your other features. Trigger lights to turn on and get instant updates delivered to your mobile device and monitoring agents. Home security decals and signs provide an additional indication that your property is not an ideal target.

Extra Ways To Burglar-Proof Windows In Gulfport

Your home’s security system and its integrated components will burglar-proof windows in Gulfport, but they aren’t the only choice. Review these extra burglar-proofing suggestions:

  • Install window bars. This option may be utilized outside or inside. There are straightforward and more stylish bars, in conjunction with different modes of attachment. Choose from swing-away, removable, or fixed.
  • Update your current window fasteners and hardware. Choose more reliable, heavier-duty locks, and opt for tamper-resistant screws that can’t be easily removed.
  • Add window security screens. Robust, stainless-steel screens are hard to circumvent.
  • Use window security film.Simple-to-install security film can be customized to your window’s specific dimensions. It works similarly to windshield glass and prevents the window from splintering into your living space.
  • Inquire about shatter-resistant glass. This specialized glass is highly durable and withstands intrusions quite well. It splinters into a spiderweb while holding its shape. It can also safeguard against storm-related damage.

Protect Your Windows And Your Entire Home With Secure24 Alarm Systems

Discover the latest tools to burglar-proof your windows and the rest of your Gulfport home by contacting Secure24 Alarm Systems. We have modern surveillance systems, motion detection implements, and window sensors to keep you completely safe. Call (228) 220-2891 today to customize your home security package.